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Phone/Fax 760-747-7889
574 East Mission Road suite F,
San Marocs CA 92069
E-mail dwarfcar63@juno.com
Web page - http://dwarfcar.8m.com/me.htm

We would like to thank the following businesses for their support:
Kintz Truck Service 760 471 2699
Shipwash Home Health Care Services 760 471 2487
DIG'S WHEELS INC. 760 432 0123 Everybody Drives A Used Car
KRC Rock 800 427 0572 for all your rock needs
R.E. Lee Welding & Machine 858 279 5221
ABC Company 760 480 1222 General Contractor
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What we have done so far:
1999 Rookie of the Year, Winner of the Best Special Interest award at the Vista Rod Run, We have been in MotorSportsnews, MotoRacing, Stock Car Racing,
Flag to Flag and The Times Advocate, Just think of what we will do this year!

Meet the posse:
Brian Drake #02 @ Ramona (builder/owner/driver)

Kevin Drake #14 @ Ramona (builder/owner/driver)

Bob Lee #10 @ San Diego (builder/owner/driver)

Bob Brown #22 @ El Cajon (owner/driver)

Kevin Frantum #25 @ Oceanside (owner/driver)

Tom Eaton Jr. #31 @ Lakeside (owner/driver)

Jeff Thompson #48 @ Lakeside (owner/driver)

Barto Bartolacci #64ad @ Escondido (owner/driver)

Bill Groves Jr. #57B @ Ramona (builder/owner/driver)

Barto Bartolacci #63 @ Escondido (builder/owner/driver)

Ralph Kintz #80 @ San Marcos (owner/driver)

Ron Lavarnway street stock @ Lakeside (owner/driver)

Nicole #2 mini dwarf (owner/driver)

Karrie #11 mini dwarf (owner/driver)

Mini Dwarf #10 – looking for driver

What is a Dwarf Car?

Dwarf Cars are 5/8 scale models of vintage cars from 1928 to 1948. They have a full steel roll cage, sheet metal bodies, and are powered by 4 cylinder motorcycle engines between 750cc and 1250cc. They have full racing suspension and are capable of speeds over 100mph on the straight-aways. With their size and quickness, they are perfectly suited to short, oval track racing (¼ - 3/8 mile tracks). Dwarf Cars are real racecars with advanced suspension and horsepower to weight ratio, which rivals most full size dirt track stock cars. Dwarf Cars are achieving speeds as fast or faster then full size cars.

Our Rookie Year:

Car Information: Class: Dwarf Car #63, Engine Make/cc: 900 Honda CBR, Chassis/Make/Year: Home Built, 1934 – 2-door sedan, Tires: Street Tires

First Year Racing
Barto and Ralph (his father-in-law) have gone to the races every Saturday night for years. On one of these nights, they happen to see the Dwarf Cars racing. At the moment, Barto know that is what he wanted to do. Race Dwarf Cars. So Barto and Ralph started to look around for plans on how to build their own Dwarf Car. As it turned out, no one has plans that you can follow. They traveled around and looked at different Dwarf Cars. As they saw what they wanted in their car, they made notes of it. Then they started to build the car they wanted. After 6 months of hard work. And many adjustments, with a .00 engine we where ready to hit the racetrack and start our first year of racing. We join the Southern California Dwarf Car Association. Barto’s first year he had some mishaps (crashes). However, it was all a learning experience. And out of all the rookies, he was named Rookie of the Year. Now with the extra experience on how to set up the car for the track we are racing. With a newer, bigger engine and carbs. We are giving the top guys a run for their money this season. Goal: To keep Dwarf Car racing affordable for everyone. In addition to great entertainment for the whole family.

2003 Dwarf Car Race Schedule:


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